Update!!! We got F' ed by ALL companys!!!after many phone calls in to national city in virginia we were blown off, ignored & treated like ****....then told sorry nothing we can do unless ntelus gives you a refund! They have a strict policy....no refund! We had said even through we did not give them f permission to keep the card and did not want to be added to auto-pay. They were protected by visa & we got ****ed! **** you to national city....**** you all!!!! Including the ***** i delt with in bluefield, virginia (that early morning b4 the holiday)! They should protect us being the member not the ****ing cell company.... We told you that we had cell phone proof recorded the conversation prooving what we are saying & we still got ****ed! U asses! Everyone stay away from ntelus, the national bank both in virginia & wv....they will **** you too. Please learn from our mistake! They stole our $92 & the credit card company & bank both said they cannot refund us. We even had the calls recorded not giving them permission & that still didnt help us. We got f' ed!