Due to my job and a bunch of other stuff, I'm looking for a feature phone (can't be a smartphone) with an odd set of requirements. One of them is that it must have both a 'boot-password' AND a 'timer-password' at the same time. Boot-password is the ability to have the phone prompt for a password when powered on, and timer-password is the ability to have the phone automatically password-lock itself after a period of inactivity. It's looking like precious few feature phones have the latter these days. My current old Nokia does, but due to the AT&T 2G sunset I won't be able to use it much longer. From what I can tell there are few if any CDMA Nokia feature phones, and the vast majority of the GSM ones are 2G only, or don't work in the US in the first place (like the 515).

Does anyone happen to know if there are any Nokia (pre or post Microsoft) NON-smartphones that still have this password ability and will still work next year on either AT&T or Verizon?