I guess Netflix is killing their DC-HSPA+ and 5-10MHz LTE network . Old tiers are now grandfathered. I cannot add anymore.

Viaero changed their billing and metering model for home internet tiers around June 1st. In general, it's a change for the worse in my opinion.


100GB at 2Mbps for $40/month (discontinued earlier this year)
200GB at 4Mbps for $50/month
200GB at 8Mbps for $70/month

Overages $1 per GB


New: 7am to midnight is peak. No rate limiting (though i rarely see north of 10Mbps). Off-peak is totally unlimited.

25GB on peak for $30/month
50GB on peak for $50/month
90GB on peak for $90/month
250GB on peak for $150/month

Not sure what the new overage rate is.


There is also a "ProConnect" Unlimited tier with a fair use of 15GB per day. Price not advertised: