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Thread: Last called number always on radio screen?

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    Last called number always on radio screen?

    2005 Z4 2.5i.
    After working as it should, all of a sudden whenever I try to make a call (press steering wheel button and say "name,") the same phone number keeps appearing in the radio's screen when the button is pressed. Can't get rid of that number. However, if I dial a number from the cell phone, although a proper connection is made, that same number (not the one just dialed) still shows on the radio's screen. I am not using a smartphone, but a simple cellphone from LG and Verizon is my supplier.

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    Try using another phone and see if the problem exists with it as well. If it does,it's an issue with your car system. If it doesn't happen with another phone, the issue is with your phone, although I doubt it could be fixed.
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    Thanks, Tad. Right now it's working, but if the trouble starts again, I'll try a different phone. However, I'm inclined to agree with you that if there really is a problem, it probably is with the car's system.

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