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Thread: MiFi 6620L & being an antenna noob: Best antenna for BAND 4 issues?

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    MiFi 6620L & being an antenna noob: Best antenna for BAND 4 issues?

    Currently I have my MiFi setup with an UDP, it is near my window and it sometimes gets band 4 with usually -100 to -104 dBm, however the majority of times it is on band 13 with a signal strength of -94 through -99 dBm, depending on if I move my device slightly to a "sweet spot" that I have yet to determine.

    The slightest of movements results in different numbers so I can assume an external antenna will help me, however I am very clueless on what I need.

    I know the network can force you to a different band if it's congested, but I am starting to believe it is an issue with signal strength. What is my best at home option? It is quite confusing for a noob to find the best setup as there is so many different kinds of antennas that support only certain frequencies etc. and I most certainly want the best signal strength for band 4, as band 13 is very congested where I am and download speeds are fairly slow, band 4 on the other hand I can get around 40mbps even with a somewhat bad signal.

    I would love to get information on all of the wires needed, and some education for someone only starting to research into antennas.

    Thank you.

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    The SINR/SNR value is more important than raw signal strength. 30dB is a totally idle network, 5-10dB is typical of a properly loaded network. -5 to 0dB is indicative of a degenerate case (congestion and/or poor signal).

    Your Novatel 6620L has a TS-9 female RF port. Directional external antennas can really help in marginal RF conditions. Most everything cellular has N male RF connectors, so you'll need an adapter. This is my personal favorite for mobile hotspots: Unfortunately, the seller hasn't sent any to amazon fulfillment centers in a while, it's currently shipping from china.

    In regards to antennas, here are my favorites:

    Band 13 only high gain: It's an excellent choice for rural america, there is only Band 13 out there.
    Band 4/13 with medium gain:
    Band 4: honestly, it's not a great antenna, but does a decent job forcing my 6620L to take Band 4.

    I carry a tripod and mount the antenna, 6620L, and a craddlepoint MBR1200B with a 6ft USB cable. Makes a aweseome portable mobile broadband solution.

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