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Thread: ZTE Mobley hacking (Mainly trying to get it running outside a car)

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    Quote Originally Posted by damesta View Post
    No, that article has nothing to do with making a custom ac adapter. I think you guys are just completely missing the question I'm asking here....

    Yes, I know I can use a hotspot. Yes, I have my puk codes. Yes, I know most mobleys still stay on by themselves and were not affected by the update. None of that has anything to do with the question I'm asking.

    I'll try again. This question only has to do with making a custom ac adapter for a mobley that is actually turning itself off every 2 hours with the powersave feature. Has anyone with this problem actually figured out how to trick the mobley into thinking the car is running so the powersave feature doesn't turn it off every 2 hours? I'm going to try a custom 14v, 1a adapter tomorrow. I've seen several people post they were going to try the same thing but no one has actually reported back if it works or not.
    In the olden days I used a 12v transformer-type wall wart that had a couple hundred mv of ripple (not a new switching power supply) and it worked well. Reports are that a 14-ish V power supply works too.

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    For anyone else that has this issue. I wired up a 14v adapter this morning and so far its staying on. I have the powersave set at 30 minutes and I'm going on 3 hours now without a shut off. I used the following unregulated 14v/1a adapter/pigtail, I tested the adapter and its putting out 14.2v prior to attaching the pigtail...and don't trust the pigtail wire color pinout, it was not accurate on mine.

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