So I realize (and apologize) that I'm posting this in totally the wrong place, but the Nokia forums appear to be dead in all but name, so I'm hoping maybe if post here I can snag a few of the remaining people who still visit.

I'm looking for a good feature phone, and some people have suggested that maybe a Nokia might fit the bill. Are there any Nokia feature phones out there that fit the following requirements?:

1) I'm in the US, so it must support GSM 3G on the 850 and 1900 bands (2G is being shut down this year)
2) It can't have a touch screen
3) Must have an automatic screen lock / timeout password
4) Must be something I can buy new or refurbished (NOT used)

I see a lot of 2G-only Nokia feature phones out there, but all of the 3G ones seem to either have touch screens or don't work in the US (like the 515). Did Nokia ever make any 3G US-compatible feature phones that don't have touch screens?