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If there's one source I believe for Nexus leaks, it's Android Police. After posting specs for both upcoming devices葉he smaller Sailfish and the larger Marlin葉hey've just posted a render that they say can be applied to the both of them.

Here's author David Ruddock with a quick tour:

On the front we see the single earpiece speaker, front-facing camera, a small sensor cluster, and that's about it. On the back, you've got some antenna bands on the bottom (horizontal) and top (vertical, off-center), with that big glossy pane likely serving as a window for NFC and other radios. The three holes next to the camera are a bit of a mystery at this point, but our guess is that two of them relate to the camera (auto-focus and perhaps a secondary sensor of some kind) and one is likely a secondary microphone.
Also interesting is that both made-by-HTC devices will sport an all-aluminum body this year. And what's really interesting is a rumored (but not confirmed) "electric blue" versionperhaps to match the iPhone 7?

AP gives this render a "confidence level" of 8/10. Assuming they're right, what do you make of the new Nexus(es)?

Source: Android Police