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Thread: Why do I have to re-sync my headset every time I use it?

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    Why do I have to re-sync my headset every time I use it?

    I turn on my Samsung WEP460 bluetooth headset but always have to pair it, enter the code, and then add it as a trusted device with Smart Lock. Does my phone (Moto E running Android 5.1) forget my bluetooth headset when I turn bluetooth off to save the battery? I thought that adding it as a trusted device would be enough.
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    Typically your bluetooth headset should automatically pair to your device after initial setup. It sounds like your phone is clearing any saved devices when you deactivate bluetooth, that is unusual.

    Make sure you save the settings on Smart Lock. What version Moto E is it? Might want to try upgrading to 6.0 if at all possible.
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