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Thread: Replaceable Battery?

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    Question Replaceable Battery?

    I am looking into buying a new phone. I have considered two Motorola models, the Moto G4, or splurge on the Moto X Pure. (open to other suggestions too though).

    It looks to me like neither has a replaceable battery though, and that is very negative to me. Is that the case? Is that true with all Motorola phones these days? Or practically all brands of phones? (copying the pattern set by Iphone?) (I assume to encourage people to buy a new phone more often, when the battery life wears down?)

    I would assume that with any new phone the battery life will be good enough (although some bertter than others) that one would not need to swap batteries. And some have the quick charging option.

    However, I know that when phones get older, the battery life can go way down. My current phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, is now three years old. The battery charge does not last long, far less than a day. I always carry spare batteries with me, and often use up three different batteries in a day. (And I usually have wi-fi and location turned off!) I have an external battery charger too.

    So that would be my concern with non-replaceable batteries. After a couple years, when the battery life has tanked, not good to not be able to swap batteries.

    So do all Moto phones now have non-replaceable batteries? Other manufacturers too? Not a good trend.

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    Non-replaceable batteries make the phone thinner, and that's one of the selling points. I think some manufacturers are doing it to compete with iPhones. Moto has been doing that for a while now. LG G3 and later have swappable batteries and that's where I will look for my next phone (have the G3 now) . Even Samsung has gone the other route with the latest offerings.

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    Moto G4 Play has replaceable batteries, but I am not sure if there are any aftermarket batteries available for it.

    Some batteries you can swap by taking off the back with screwdrivers and they have a connector so you don't have to solder, I think the original Moto G is like that or the original Moto E...

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    You can look up the specs for phones, including replaceable battery on, phonearena, etc.

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