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Thread: Needing recommendations for a new/used, unlockable, non-Apple with FM radio sub $100

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    Question Needing recommendations for a new/used, unlockable, non-Apple with FM radio sub $100

    Hi all.

    I currently have Tracfone service. I need to start out with Tracfone with this new phone, but then I will be switching to, ideally, a non-AT&T based network with prepaid service. I can no longer tolerate the AT&T signal issues.

    I am far from a cell phone whiz or techie, so I'll just learn as I go. Here is my criteria list at this point:

    Must haves:

    * Appx. $100 or less. I will consider more, but I actually use the phone sparingly.

    * Non-Apple product

    * Unlockable. I need to start it on Tracfone and then move it elsewhere. (I am comfortable using popular freeware to do this so long as there are good instructions.)

    * Sizeable touchscreen, comparable to the total area of the Apple 3G, or larger (dimensions can vary)

    * FM radio

    * WiFi support

    Preferred, but not necessary

    * Headphone jack (any kind of jack or cable is fine. I can buy an adapter if needed)

    * Physical QWERTY keyboard of some kind

    * Physical button menu and phone access. Basically, I dislike 'one button' style phones where all functions have to be accessed via touchscreen.

    I should also add that I favor quality, reliability and call quality over mountains of abstract features. I really use my phone very little these days.

    That's all I can think of for now. Any recommendations or advice is appreciated. There are so many bazillions of phones out there, I feel like I might lose my mind trying to sort through them all!

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    I'm surprised no one responded, but I managed to find a decent match with 2 days of digging and research.

    Here's what I ordered:

    The BLU Studio C 5+5 Smartphone with Lollipop OS- US GSM Unlocked

    Note: I got confused between BLU models several times. In this case, there are 3 models on the BLU site using the 5 5 moniker. The 5+5 (uses HSPA), the 5+5 LTE, and the 5.5 HD. If you're looking at various BLU models, make sure to keep them straight so you don't order the wrong one.

    In addition to that, on Amazon you will find selector boxes under the title that lets you switch between LTE, GSM global and US GSM, with the US GSM being the HSPA model, and the lower cost model too.

    I ordered from Walmart because Amazon did not offer any extended service plans, which surprised me, and I usually like to get those. I paid extra on the phone and taxes for that privilege, but it's worth it in my book.

    It seems a number of BLU phones including this one have FM radio, but neither Amazon nor the BLU site lists this as a feature, which is just bizarre. Amazon users as well as 3rd party spec sites confirm this feature.

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