Good day.

I have ported dozens of numbers over the past few years. Although I paid porting-in fees once or twice (Anveo and Google Voice come to mind), with the exception of GV $3.00 fees, I have never paid any other losing entity.

This morning, I called Customer Service for an Internet fax provider to obtain porting-out information for my fax No. The CSR I spoke with was extremely pleasant and seemed knowledgeable. In any event, she furnished the requested information and mentioned, in passing, that there would be a $20.00 port-out fee.

I didn't mind (and wouldn't mind) paying a nominal porting-out fee, perhaps up to $5.00, but having to pay $20.00 for the same is outrageous. I had heard that Magic Jack/YMax tries to collect (but has no way of collecting) $30.00 when a MJ number is ported-out (an even bigger outrage).

I understand that DID ports cost the carriers money. However, I don't believe that my fax service is losing anything since the DID belongs to the CLEC, not the fax service.

Would the fax service actually be able to instruct the CLEC to reject the port-out request until the fine is paid?

If not, what recourse would it have with no credit card on file?

As I said earlier, I wouldn't mind paying a nominal porting-out fee, but not and unfair one.