I have a Nokia 515 that I used to be able to browse the web on. Now, with a software update a while back, Opera Mini is the default browser and I can't connect. When I try to start the browser, it says that Opera Mini is installing, and then after a while I get the message:

"Failed to connect to the internet. Go to http://operamini.com/help?version=4.5 with your desktop browser or contact your service provider for internet settings."

My only option after that is to exit. To make matters more annoying, I can't use the store either because it's using Opera for that. I do have Internet connectivity, because I am able to use Facebook and the CNN app.

I took the phone to the Nokia Care Center here, and when I went back to pick it up after two days, they said that this phone is not really meant to browse the web because it's a feature phone and that it may only work sometimes. I told them this was not acceptable, as this phone never had a problem before and basically they just didn't know how to fix it. He also said that it's not their problem and that I need to contact Nokia, which I found infuriating since as far as I'm concerned, they are Nokia.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I love this phone, but after the "support" I received from Nokia on this matter, I think this will be the last Nokia/Microsoft mobile phone product I buy.