Hope this is the right forum for Acer, which seems to be an unheard of cell phone maker. I have an Android Acer Z410 that has an odd screen issue that I've been unable to find info on for any cell phone make. I have broken many screens over the years, and the events unfold in a typical way: screen cracks, lcd leaks, screen visibility deteriorates over the following days, touch screen generally toast. Common among every broken screen I've encountered is the presence of the backlight, regardless if the lcd is black.

This time, a little different. The outer screen of my phone cracked in my pocket one day for no apparent reason, but the phone continued to work normally - an aesthetic issue. One day, I pulled the phone out to check the time; all good. About 5 minutes later, I check it again and the screen is completely black. No backlight, nothing. The touchscreen responded as if nothing was wrong.

No, I've dropped this phone in water a few times, but it always recovered. My hunch is that a contact for the screen rusted, and eventually broke due to the increased resistance and ergo overheating.

So, I'm wondering if my hunch is correct or if there is another more technical answer? I'm also wondering if anyone can point me to instructions for disassembling the phone and where the screen connections are likely to be. The internet has failed me thus far, but I'm hoping you guys can save me $50-$150 in repairs or from buying a new phone.