Good day.

For over two weeks now, I've been trying to port my fax No. from OneSuite to Callcentric (Local Access LLC - JSI/1 is the carrier).

I was first told by OS C.S. to use my account information for the porting-out. After a couple of days, the LNP was rejected because of an address mismatch.

Called OS C.S. again and was told that the account address was the only address they used. In the mean time, had CC requested the CSR from Local Access, only to be told that there was no CSR.

I found OS's corporate address and had CC resubmit the LPN with it. More time went by and it was rejected again by LA because, supposedly, the fax No. was associated with a DSL line. OS does not provide DSL lines.

A few more days later, I receive a call from a very nice OS C.S.R. who gave me the name and address of another company and instructed me to use them. CC canceled the original LNP and submitted a new one with the new name and address. After four days, LA rejected it, again, for address mismatch.

I can't be the only person who has attempted to port a No. out of OneSuite. Has anyone else done it successfully. If so, kindly let me know what was used for a name and address (PM is fine).

Thank you.