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Thread: Home Screen Page Lost!

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    Home Screen Page Lost!

    Phone Samsung Galaxy J7, running Android 6.01, stock ROM. (Being a Samsung phone, that means I guess it runs Touchwiz over Android.)

    I just got the phone recently, and spent a lot of time configuring two home screens, including several folders, etc.

    A couple days ago, my 2nd home screen was suddenly missing. Totally gone. (Well actually, there is a 2nd home screen now, but with nothing on it, totally blank.)

    What could have caused that?

    Is there any way I can recover that lost home screen? I recall seeing something about Google automatically backing up all one's phone settings. Does that include home screens? If yes, how do I recover it?

    Or--might Samsung back that up somehow? If yes, how recovered?

    It would be a pain to re-create it again. (And then I would be afraid of losing it again.)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    google does not backup your home screen.

    i think you would need to use a backup app and might need root.

    i think your home screen would be the launcher app on your phone. you would need to backup the app with data.

    backup of apps with data sounds like a hassle so i would not normally bother with it.

    i don't know what would make a home screen disappear but i would think there could be many causes.

    on virgin mobile they have bloatware that sometimes changes the home screen so it might be that kind of issue.

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