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Thread: Need help with Nokia 6010 GPRS... (T-MOBILE)

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    Unhappy Need help with Nokia 6010 GPRS... (T-MOBILE)

    Hello all!

    This is my first post, so PLEASE forgive me if I have done anything wrong!

    I have my awesome little Nokia 6010 brick phone. It is unlocked, originally Cingular, and now is used on TMobile. Now,the only way to get software and stuff on it is through MMS or the WAP 2.0 browser. However, both of those require GPRS. So, the most important settings I have read about having on it for the main WAP browser was the APN The IP was something like or something along those lines (The phone is currently off, and the sim in my main phone). There is no port option. I can also connect through a dial up number, but I do not have dial up, and none of the "free" numbers are working, and they dont have a port number or the settings.

    In my area, I get the "E" (Edge) icon on my smartphone. Im assuming that GPRS is completely different than edge, and won't work through Edge. When I try going to a page on the WAP browser (A WML WAP page), it either says Page not found (The address IS correct) or Lost connection after 30 seconds. The G appears in the top left corner, indicating a GPRS connection.

    Anyone know what could be going wrong? Does TMobile even HAVE GPRS settings anymore? Id really like to download Snake on this phone...

    Or do I need an actual GPRS area with the GPRS icon on my smartphone? I would think edge is working since it has the G icon...

    Thanks! I will update with the actual setting since I turn on the phone later today or whenever.

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    Here are the options:
    •Settings' name: Multimedia Messaging (Does not matter)
    •Homepage: (Does not matter)
    •Session mode: permanent
    •Data bearer: GPRS
    •Bearer settings:
    ◦GPRS Access point:
    ◦IP address:
    ◦Authentication type: Normal
    ◦User name: -None-
    ◦Password: -None-

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