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Thread: Mobilicity incapable of switching my SIM card - what should I do?

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    Mobilicity incapable of switching my SIM card - what should I do?

    Hi all,

    Hoping to get some advice. I had a mobilicity phone and have not had significant issues until a couple of weeks ago. I was mugged and my phone was stolen. Mobilicity has given me the run-around trying to get a new SIM card and service set up. I purchased the SIM card a week ago, and this is the intervening chain of activities:

    Attempt 1: Customer care rep said he can't activate the new SIM over the phone. Told me to go in-person to store.
    Attempt 2: Went to store, dealer tried giving his code but it wasn't accepted.
    Attempt 3: at the store, the dealer called and pretended to be me; the person on the other end apparently activated my line and said to wait 24h.
    Attempt 4: Phone not working after 24h; I called them up again - they told me there were delays with the system and to wait.
    Attempt 5: Phone not working after another 24h; I called again - the rep tried to claim there were delays, then after 20 minutes of pushing him to do something he told me my request wasn't even submitted the first time, and that this time he would submit it, but that it would take 48h. He escalated to a manager, who told me if it's not done in 48h they'll credit me for the month of service so I can port out. This was yesterday.

    Can you guys tell me: is there something I can do to either expedite this or get some kind of results? Having worked in wireless support, I know it's incredibly simple to change a SIM card number in a provisioning system. Everyone seems to have a different answer at Mobilicity, and it seems like they're all completely clueless, PLUS they aren't willing or able to talk to people outside of their customer care silo.

    What the heck can I do?

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    Call in and say you want to activate a new sim as you got a new phone and needed to get a new sim. They'll ask for the the sim card code (think its called meid). Its the code on the back of the sim card. They'll ask you for the code and you should be up and running. If your still unable to activate the sim card message me or reply here and I'll try to assist.

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    The problem might be the switchover being imminent?

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    Account management is totally closed due to migration, i tried to port in but they declined even at backend level.
    Wait will be over soon once we see chatr on our screen.

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