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Thread: Snapchat (now Snap, Inc.) Announces Sunglasses with Built-in Camera

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    Post Snapchat (now Snap, Inc.) Announces Sunglasses with Built-in Camera

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    Some big news from Snapchat over the weekend... The company has renamed itself Snap, Inc. and announced its first hardware product, called Spectacles.

    Priced at $130 USD and available this fall in either black, teal or coral (seen here), Spectacles capture and send Snaps to your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Those not wearing Snap Specs will know they're being Snapped by a ring of lights that will illuminate around the lens. On the upside, confrontations with strangers who don't wish to be recorded will be limited to 10-second segments.

    At least as interesting as the glasses themselves is the new "circular video format" that they record to; with lenses that capture a 115 degree field of view, Snaps you send to your friends can be viewed fullscreen in either portrait or landscape mode on their phone—like this:

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    Here's some sample video from the new Snap, Inc. YouTube channel:

    Snap is apparently not going to flood the market with these things, opting instead for a slow roll-out to see how consumers react. Based on what you see here, are you interested?

    Sources: BBC News, The Next Web, Wall Street Journal
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    "Lots of tiny, wearable, video camera / DVRs from China now... glasses, pens, watches, buttons, pendants, etc. Priced $30 as a generic from China easily becomes $100-$150 as a branded product in the US like there. Besides, this one has wireless connectivity, which most don't.

    Overall, this is cute enough, but I think it's actually too cute for the intended market. Basically, is this for little kids or for teens?"
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