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Thread: Trying out Google Fi with Nexus 5x, easy to switch to Verizon if it doesn't work out

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    Trying out Google Fi with Nexus 5x, easy to switch to Verizon if it doesn't work out

    I'm on Verizon but want to give Google Fi a try. If I sign up with Google Fi, and get a Nexus 5x and have problems with coverage or the service in general, will I be able to use the Nexus 5x on Verizon? I know that you can use a Nexus 5x on Verizon, but I didn't know if there was anything different with the one you'd get from Google Fi vs one I'd get if I purchased it from Amazon.
    My parents are looking to try it out also but are not very technically inclined. We have good coverage from US Cellular where we live but I've read where Google Fi doesn't always switch towers to the best signal and sometimes you need to manual change it to get a better signal. My parents travel a lot and I wanted to see if this is still a problem and how hard it is to switch if it is?

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    Yes, you can use the phone on Verizon. I am presently doing what you are thinking about and if Fi doesn't meet my needs in the area I live and work, I plan to move back to a Verizon MVNO with the Fi phone.
    Pixel 2 on Google Fi
    iPhone 6S on Verizon Prepaid

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