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Thread: International Speeds On Project fi

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    International Speeds On Project fi

    I'm looking for user experiences with fi relating to data speeds internationally. The July 12th announcement stated that speeds had been increased by 10X-20X for data with the addition of the "3" network. I'm left wondering what is the availability of that service, and what are the typical speeds if 3 is not available as a roaming partner. I believe I read the standard roaming speed is/was 256Kbps, but I've read so many articles in my research that may not be current.

    Has anyone used fi in Europe or say, the Caribbean lately, and if so what carriers work and what are the data speeds you've gotten?

    I have two iPads on T-Mobile now and with my current plan and 15% discount they only cost me $8.50 a month each, with no taxes on these devices. They roam for free internationally and have unlimited 128Kbps data use and speeds. I am considering dropping these lines and going to fi if the higher speed data is generally available in a majority of tourist type areas. I realize it would be slightly more expensive to switch to fi, but only about $100 or so a year, and I would gain a fallback line with this.

    Also, when roaming on T-Mobile, do speedtests and Pandora count against your data plan, or is it zero billed like with TM? I suspect not.

    Any comments, articles or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Well, this is an old thread, but I thought I would answer your question with the data I have. I use Fi pretty much as you are describing above, and have rarely roamed on the 3 network. To my knowledge, everything counts against your data plan, same as in the United States. We didn't wander too far off the beaten path on this trip, but we had reception almost everywhere we went (except at around 11,000' in the Andes east of Santiago). The connection was always LTE as far as I could see, and speeds were 3-4Mbps at the low end, and about 100Mbps at the high end. Most of the time we were in the 6-10Mbps down range.

    I have had no issues using Fi in Panama, Chile, Argentina, Italy, the UK, or France over the last few weeks. Speeds were fantastic in parts of Italy, very good in others, and good to great in the UK and France. I'm loving the new roaming agreements!




    Buenos Aires:

    Panama City:

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    There are some user reports here below:

    Tells the signal type (but usually not speed). Nice to see HSPA+ or 4G LTE coverage reports.

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