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Thread: Comic Book Guy Level Customer Service

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    Comic Book Guy Level Customer Service

    It all started on Sunday when my phone became stuck in a boot loop. After searching for solutions online I cleared the cache and did a factory reset through the recovery mode. Unfortunately this failed to solve the issue. So after contacting customer service I was directed to take my phone into a repair center to verify the issue and make an exchange. So I made an appoint using the online tool.

    On Monday morning I visited the store on 6333 Kalamazoo Ave in Grand Rapids MI (Store #243009) and after waiting for him to finish his personal business I was finally assisted by the Store Manager Ashraf Tamimi. He tried the same steps that I’d already done and then declared that I’d have to exchange the phone and that I would have my replacement in two days (Wednesday). I inquired about a loaner phone but was blown off because a friend of his had entered the store and they were discussing a recent trip to Iraq.

    On Wednesday morning I called Ashraf Tamimi to get a timeframe of when I could pick up my phone and he told me that my new delivery date had been changed from Wednesday to indefinite. When I began to object he said, “if you have a problem with it, you can try to complain to Sprint.”

    So I called Sprint customer service and they informed me that my account didn’t show any returns in process. So I asked to speak with a manager and was placed on hold. After about twenty minutes I decided to double dip and see if things would go faster if I contacted customer service via chat. The online rep told me that I’d have to contact Asurion because Sprint doesn’t handle their own returns.

    Meanwhile on the waiting for a manager front, I was hung up on while on hold after 1 hour and 48 minutes.

    With my landline freed up I called Asurion and they informed me that they only handle returns due to damage and that I needed to contact Sprint.

    Called Sprint back and was told that Asurion was incorrect, I then asked for a manager. I waited on hold for about 25 minutes before being hung up on yet again.

    Called Sprint back and immediately asked for a manager, I was instead transferred to a Spanish speaking representative who then transferred me back to the English side. I again asked for a manger and was hung up on instead of being transferred.

    Called Sprint back and after much waiting was transferred to what the person claimed was Oklahoma City. Here I was told that the previous Sprint reps had missed the fact that my account did show an exchange but unfortunately it still hadn’t shipped after 2 days and there was no indication when it would. I repeatedly asked why this was and received zero answers. I asked to speak with a manager and waited on hold for about 30 minutes before being disconnected.

    The next time I called I began by informing them that I saw no reason why I should continue with a company that gives its “loyal customers” the run around in such a manner. I then explained the situation in full and excruciating detail. She then offered to upgrade both our phones so Galaxy S7s for $200 plus a 2 year contract. So I waited while she called stores to confirm the deal and that they had the phones available. She then directed me to go to 9379 Cherry Valley Ave Se Ste B, Caledonia MI (Store #250792) and that Jordan would take care of everything. So I drove the 16 miles to the store and had my wife meet me there. After they monkeyed around with their computers for 10-15 minutes, we were informed that they couldn’t do what the rep claimed but we were welcome to pay full price. I asked why the agreement wasn’t being honored and Jordan told us that there was nothing he could do and that he’d only told the rep that he would try. We asked that they contact Sprint and the reps in the store refused.

    We left the store and as I headed to work I called back to Sprint yet again. This time we were told that the reps in the store had lied to us because according to our account, Jordan said that he would do it. Now customer service told us that the best option would be to go through telesales and they would be able to have the phones to us the next business day.

    Unfortunately, this had now gone on for 5 hours and 45 minutes and I had to walk into work. I spoke with my wife and it was agreed that the rep and telesales would call my wife in an hour to set things up and finalize the order. They called and she agreed to the terms and was put on hold to wait for confirmation number. Continuing the trend, she was hung up on instead of being placed on hold. After waiting and not receiving a callback, she called Sprint and the rep she spoke with had no idea what she was talking about.

    This morning I called Sprint back yet again and they said that they cannot find even a hint of an order or an exchange.

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    Wow. Makes me thankful when Tmo only hangs up on me once... Or twice.

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