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Thread: Porting out of Airvoice

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    Porting out of Airvoice

    I just ported a number to Cricket over the weekend. I just thought I would post my checklist.

    Call Airvoice - ask them to 1-unlock the number so that is available to port, 2-stop the autopay. Autopay should turn off automatically but you never know.

    Put the new Cricket Sim in your phone. I then went on-line to sign up for Cricket and started the port process. For the Account number I used my current Airvoice SIM card, and the PIN was the last four digits of the phone number being ported.

    The port went right through in about 5 minutes. Target was selling the Cricket SIM cards for $4.99 last weekend.

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    Sounds nice and easy. I have a few 99 cents cricket sims lying around. Welcome!

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