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Thread: Google Voice in Canada (and maybe Obitalk)

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    Google Voice in Canada (and maybe Obitalk)

    Just for reference i'm in the US, and since i'm not yet using GV (I got an Obi recently but wasn't ready to port my cell around or risk any outage) i'm seeing confusing things on even recent articles as of 2015... I had thought that Google Voice was either also available to canadians, or at least could be used FROM canada (if you set it up in the USA and are like traveling) but 2015 articles seem to imply only US phone numbers allow this.

    Does google block non US IP's from accessing google voice? Is it against their TOS even for travelers to log in with VPN and such?

    Any possible way for an Obitalk to also work if I bring with the box and set it up on wifi?

    Is there any functionality of google voice (like no outgoing calls, but can at least check incoming voicemails in gmail) usable out of country otherwise or nothing?

    Is it possible to have Google Voice forward to international numbers (esp since it's "free calls to canada" would just be a local disposible prepaid phone while I travel) directly or with a hack/workaround?

    Again i'm US so should have no problem setting something up, but I wanted someone to be able to use it from canada during an upcoming trip that could last months. (and wondering if that itself is an issue, one other article talking on related things mentioned "you cant just leave GV forever on do not forward status or it can deactivate after a few months" and I don't know what that means. I can figure out a workaround, I just can't find what it is referring to.)

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    you CAN use GV in canada. GV does not allow Canadians to sign up or offer Canadian numbers. But if you already signed up and have a GV number, you can use it anywhere in the world, where you have internet access and Google isn't blocked.

    You can always use the gmail webpage to call with GV even if you don't have a GV number. So Canadians and others around the world can use that.

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