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Thread: Will Carriers Stop Paying People to Switch?

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    Will Carriers Stop Paying People to Switch?

    The pay to switch programs have worked out well for me. In the old days I would sell a handset to cover my ETF. Now I can have the next carrier pay my switching fees.

    In the end the consumer ends up with the carrier they want and the switching fees get shuffled between the carriers and hopefully the incoming and outgoing customers are about equal.

    So while I like the programs, I wonder if they will eventually be discontinued, perhaps for not being profitable or too much management or cost...or unhappy customers who did not get a refund...etc...

    One reason I am wondering is I wish to either switch to AT&T or Sprint in 2017 and am hoping the pay to switch programs are still around.

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    At some point, it will stop. There are more phones that will work on all the major networks in the U.S., so you can just take out the sim card of your old carrier and put in a new one. As more phone makers that sell unlocked phones at hundreds of dollars less than Samsung and Apple gain traction, and people see how low they can get phone service since it will be month to month, there will be less of a need to subsidize phones or pay fees to get people to switch. Then the pressure will be on postpaid providers to give great service since you can leave them, without penalty, just like you can on prepaid.

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