Android is a great operating system that has hundrets of devices equipped with this operating system.

However as we all know if something like a system gets popular, more and more people are trying to destroy it.

In case of Android we know that that it is not perfect and there are some glitches that allow hackers to attack it.

It was getting so annoying and dangerous that all major companies announced that they will try to fight it.

It all started with Google who announced that they will be having a security update for all of there devices.

This time it is Samsung who provides us with the list of products that will receive the security updates each month.

The list includes: Galaxy S (S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge, S5), Galaxy Note (Note 5, Note 4, Note edge) and Galaxy Tab (Tab S2, Tab S), but this short list is only the beggining.

More Samsung devices should be supported as well in the near future.

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