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Thread: Novatel T1114 slower than other devices on band 4?

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    Question Novatel T1114 slower than other devices on band 4?

    Is there a reasoning behind why T1114 apparently maxes out at (and usually below) 30mbps? It seems a lot of users have noticed this, is it due to lack of carrier aggregation perhaps?

    My 6620L could pull 60mbps and it had a weaker signal than what the T1114 receives, so an explanation would be nice from this wonderful community of geeks (no offense)

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    30Mbps (3.7MBps) is about the highest i've seen on the T1114 too but as of now i've not been able to reach the same speeds with any other equipment I own 6620L, 4510L, galaxy note 3 & galaxy note 4. (Well not in the same location anyway) If I go outside and point the note 3 with a clear line of sight to the tower I seem to remember seeing something around 90Mbps (much higher than the T1114 anyhow)

    But I didn't really care too much about that as it was stable and faster than the 802.11G wireless that's still running on one end of the house anyway.

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    It's the older hardware that's responsible. The T1114 dates back to 2013, which is positively ANCIENT with all the hardware improvements in the last 3 years. It's missing Band 2 and Band 5, it doesn't support Cat 6 speeds, and it may not be able to do Carrier Aggregation, either, even with Band 4 activated on it.

    But it IS a very reliable device, much more so than the AC791L Jetpack, which is VZW's only Cat 6 hotspot supporting all the bands and all the possible Carrier Aggregation configurations.
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