This video by Karl Conrad recently popped up in my YouTube feed, featuring a smartwatch I'd previously not heard of, the Ticwatch 2.

Aimed at the Pebble end of the market (the low-end), the Ticwatch 2 has an impressive list of features, including an OLED touch screen, built-in voice search, gesture controls and a "tickle strip"—basically a trackpad on the non-crown side of the watch. Presumably this is why press materials and such show the watch being worn backwards.

The Ticwatch 2 is not an Android Wear device but does run a customized version of Android OS, and is compatible with Android phones running 4.3 or higher, and iPhones running iOS 8 or higher.

Its Kickstarter campaign raised over $2 million USD, and the watch can now be ordered direct from its maker, or from Amazon USA. More details on the Ticwatch 2 can be read in the review linked to directly below.

Review: Ticwatch 2 first impressions: $199 smartwatch offers big specs