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Thread: SoftBank AQUOS Xx3 on Fido Network

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    SoftBank AQUOS Xx3 on Fido Network

    Hi all,

    I am looking at getting the SoftBank AQUOS Xx3, but am uncertain whether this phone is able to get LTE on Fido. I've been looking around at what band this phone supports, but am seeing various numbers. I believe the docomo version - SH-04H is able to get LTE on 700Mhz, but I am really interested in the turquoise color the Softbank version offers although I think spec wise, they're pretty much the same.

    If anyone knows and can share, that'd be great.

    Thanks a lot everyone!

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    The Aquos Xx3 and the Aquos SH-04H are exactly the same hardware-wise and Sharp-software-wise. They only differ in preinstalled SoftBank/Docomo applications and colour.

    There are slight differences in supported radio frequencies as well.

    Docomo's SH-04H supports:
    LTE: 2 GHz / 1.7 GHz / 1.5 GHz / 800 MHz
    FD-LTE: 2 GHz / 1.7 GHz
    3G: 2 GHz / 800 MHz / 850 MHz
    GSM: 1.9 GHz / 1.8 GHz / 900 MHz / 850 MHz

    And SoftBank's Xx3 supports:
    LTE 4G (FDD-LTE): 900 MHz / 1.7 GHz / 2.1 GHz
    4G (AXGP): 2.5 GHz (Japan only)
    3G (W-CDMA): 900 MHz / 2.1 GHz
    GSM: 850 MHz / 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz

    The above data comes directly from Sharp's and from Docomo/SoftBank's websites.

    You should carefully check the frequencies your carrier works on and select correspondingly.
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