Bluetooth newbie here looking to learn from the communal experience and wisdom...

I am considering trying a bluetooth headset to speak on computer webcasts. The headset would be paired (through a USB adapter dongle) to a desktop PC running Windows 7. Incoming earbud audio quality is unimportant as long as voice is intelligible. But I want the highest possible fidelity on outgoing microphone voice quality. So far the reviews I have read tend to play up how good the noise cancellation is on microphones and how it can make them sound natural in noisy environments. I am in a quiet, private office and prefer not to add noise cancellation into the signal processing stream.

1) Can you recommend a headset with very high quality microphone transmission and zero (or defeatable) noise cancellation?

2) Is the use of Bluetooth through a USB PC dongle likely to add noticeable latency to the audio stream? This matters because I would be on camera and my voice needs to exactly synchronize with my mouth movements.

You may feel like suggesting alternative approaches involving web cam mikes, lavaliere mikes, shotgun mikes, desk mikes, etc. I am actually quite familiar with all such setups and own/use examples of each. I am merely investigating whether a Bluetooth headset might offer better convenience and simplicity as an alternative, so we might as well keep the discussion tightly focused on the Forum topic!

Thanks so much for any insights you have.