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Thread: Verizon reverses course, will push Samsung's update to brick Galaxy Note 7

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    Verizon reverses course, will push Samsung's update to brick Galaxy Note 7

    Verizon will issue Samsung’s software update to brick the Galaxy Note 7 after all.

    Samsung*said last week*that it will issue the update to render its device useless in an effort to encourage users to return potentially defective devices. Verizon initially said it wouldn’t push the update out of fear of leaving its customers who own the phone without a way to cooperate.*The other three major U.S. carriers quickly said they would*cooperate in bricking the phone.

    The nation’s largest carrier reversed course Wednesday, though, saying it would push the software to users on Jan. 5. T-Mobile will push the software update starting Dec. 27, while*AT&T and Sprint will do so in early January.

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    The lawyers made them do it. Everyone SHOULD do it - that phone is a ticking time bomb - and I was shocked to hear Verizon was going to ignore it. Verizon sold A LOT of Note7's too.

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