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Thread: Few years with Android Wear still love it

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    Few years with Android Wear still love it

    I have been using smartwatches for years and people that give them negative reviews I believe really do not get the point.

    Why do you need one ?

    For me it is so I do not always need to reach for the phone.
    Somebody calls I can answer the call (using my watch if I like)
    Somebody emails I can read the email, decide if I need to answer right now (most of the time I do not)
    Somebody texts I can read and reply to the text.
    Get calendar reminders, notifications
    Shows weather, time, date
    The watch is a trusted device "I need my PIN only once a day"

    This is enough for me.

    There are many other things that can be done step count, looking up quick things, few simple apps.....

    Yes you can do all this on the phone but you find you have the watch why bother.
    Yes you need to charge it, I charge my phone and the same time I charge my watch..... this is not a big deal.

    I love smartwatches, I love Android Wear (hopefully Android Wear 2.0 is not too far away)
    Other OSs I used, the Samsung watch..... not sure how well it works with none Samsung devices but that be my second choice.

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    I use my Moto 360 1st gen daily. Don't think I could go without it!

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