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Thread: Porting out of Airvoice

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    Porting out of Airvoice

    Wife started a new job and gets absolutely no at&t signal there. We need to move to Verizon based service. Her current Airvoice monthly plan ended a couple of days ago. The line is still valid for almost a month on AirVoice, but is not active (she cannot make or receive calls). I just received the new sim for the service we will use (Boom). Can I port her number now, or do I need to add some funds to her air voice account to make it active first (such as the $5 5 day plan).


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    You can contact Boom live chat to get their opinion - hopefully you can port as is, but I suspect you'll have to make the AV line active to do the

    Port. Boom reps are fabulous, so they will help you get it done one way or another.

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