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According to—once again, that's—this is one of three LG-made smartwatches passed through the FCC, widely believed to be the new, possibly Google or even Nexus-branded wearables running Android Wear 2.0. Ars Technica reports the specs of the watches to be as follows:

10.8mm thick body
1.2 inch 360×360 circular P-OLED display
512MB of RAM / 4GB of storage
240mAh battery
IP67 ingress rating
Bluetooth & WiFi

14.2mm thick
1.38-inch, 480×480 circular P-OLED display
768MB of RAM / 4GB of storage
420mAh battery
IP68 ingress rating
Heart rate sensor
Bluetooth & WiFi

Same as W280, plus 3G & LTE data (?)

Meanwhile, at least one Apple blog is up in arms over an additional rumour that these LG watches will, like the Apple Watch, have a digital crown. Not only is that a terrible idea, it's a terrible idea that would make these devices incompatible with other, already-announced watches also running the new version of Android Wear.

Whatever the case, all will apparently be revealed on February 9th—that's according to leaker Evan Blass who, in case you were wondering, has no affiliation with—once again, that's

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