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Thread: 2G shutdown on T-Mobile USA

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    2G shutdown on T-Mobile USA

    I was reading an article today about AT&T shutting down its 2G network this month, and it made me think about T-Mobile's 2G network. It's no secret that Japanese keitai's are not compatible with T-Mobile's network, unless you want to surf on the sluggish 2G frequency, but what's going to happen when T-Mobile shuts down its 2G network? Wouldn't that make T-Mobile USA completely incompatible with Japanese phones? Even though no one likes to surf on a 2G network these days, being on 2G gave our Keitais some life outside of WiFi. Once that network is shut down, will Keitai's in the USA (under T-Mobile) be dead? I was reading about e-sims, but it is too early to tell what that technology means for unlocked devices. I'd like to know what you guys think. Have a nice day everyone!

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    Two options:

    - Switch providers.

    - Get a mifi modem and use your keitai as a VoIP phone going forward.

    That second option might not be so great if you're still a heavy user of SMS, but any decent mifi modem with LCD readout should have an SMS notification icon and allow you to login to the web interface to read and send texts. It's actually a great way to use SIM-locked phones.


    - Get a VoIP number.
    - Set it up on your keitai using your mobile phone number as the caller ID.
    - Set up permanent call forwarding from your mobile number to the VoIP number.
    - Keep your phone permanently tethered to the mifi modem with the actual SIM.
    - ...maybe turn off auto-updating on everything.

    And voila, an effectively SIM-unlocked phone as far as I'm concerned, and you get to keep using your original provider and phone number. Your needs might differ from mine, though.

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