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Thread: What is a Refurbished Cell Phone?

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    What is a Refurbished Cell Phone?

    What is a refurbished cell phone?

    I think with Tracfone (and others) that customer purchase a phone and they mistakenly get a GSM phone when they live in an area that has better CDMA coverage - and new phone is returned. Or CDMA new phone sent out and they live in a GSM area and phone is returned. The new phone is returned after activation and then becomes a refurbished phone. Basically a new phone now sold as refurbished. My description may not be the best but the reader here can get the point.


    A large business provides cell phones to many employees. One year, two years of hard use. Then sold to a refurbisher. May get new battery (or not) and new screen. Just guessing here.

    So have I got this all wrong? What is a refurbished cell phone?

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    It could be any of the above including a factory repaired warranty returned unit. I assume refurbished means it's also been inspected and repaired cleaned as necessary.

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