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Thread: Has anyone tried the HTC Bolt?

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    Has anyone tried the HTC Bolt?

    How does the Sprint HTC Bolt compare to the HTC 10?
    Does it have good Speaker Quality, Battery Life, Build Quality?

    Trying to figure out which Sprint Android Phone is the best Quality.

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    HTC 10 is better across all fronts except 3xCA capability.

    Reviews say battery is mediocre at best, build is pretty good, and speakers are nice.

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    So in my area we have all three Sprint Frequencies, just varies with the location.
    What's the chance I would notice a Speed Difference with this Phone?
    I suppose most of the other Smartphones like the iPhone7, Galaxy S7, LG V20 would do the 2 carrier aggregation.

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    The USB-C is great and sucks at the same time. I love how I do not need to pay attention on which direction I have to plug the charger in. But I hate having to use that same port for the headset. The phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm headset jack. The headphones it comes with are actually pretty darn good, and the adaptive sound option is to die for. HTC has said that they will be releasing a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in December. They will be packing it in with future HTC Bolt phones and current users can get one for free. I do not know any more details with it. What I hate about USB-C is that nothing else I have uses USB-C. So I have to purchase some USB to USB-C cables as the phone only comes with one. I will need them anyhow in the future so it really isn’t a big deal. Just the cost of being an early adopter. Discord Adobe Reader iTunes

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