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Thread: Double billing?

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    So I'm not the only one having issues! I switched my phone service to T-Mobile early Dec 2017 before my closing date after using them for wireless Internet service and my Virgin Mobile phone died and I didn't feel like buying into Virgin's new iPhone-only offering.

    I was charged $181 for the period that closed 12/7 (the period from 11/8/2017 to 12/7/2017) after paying point-of-sale charges to get the service set up. Part of that was the ongoing hotspot service that I promptly canceled.

    I just paid another $156 for the first month (12/8/2017-1/7/2018), Then I look a little closer at the bill and see TWO billing periods instead of the usual one: the usual bill only lists the *next* cycle, so my bill that closes 2/7/2018 will be for 2/8-3/7/2018 and due 2/25/2018.

    This is causing a huge headache. This may not be true double billing because I added a feature mid-cycle last month, but seeing the two cycles on the bill--especially to two plan charges for $60--made me wonder.

    I think one of the $60 charges is reversed by a credit elsewhere, but their billing layout and logic is so confusing no wonder people are getting double billed and charged.

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    Tmobiles billing seems to sometimes get messed up over time even with taxes included. I know someone going through double billing, not getting credits etc.

    Wonder why their billing can be such a train wreck at times
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