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Thread: Bermuda: Dream Destination for BlackBerry Users

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    Post Bermuda: Dream Destination for BlackBerry Users

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    With its pink sand, pastel-coloured houses and dark rum, Bermuda is a dream destination for anyone, really. But for BlackBerry users, perhaps a little more so. You can still buy a 2013 BB7-powered 9720 like the one you see above (wallpaper not included), and if you're visiting the island with an unlocked BlackBerry of your own you can also get a prepaid SIM card with unlimited data at surprisingly reasonable rates.

    I didn't even bother with SIM cards for the two Android phones that the girlfriend and I brought with us for our quick island getaway; Digicel, the country's largest carrier, charges an insane $75 Bermudian Dollars (at par with USD) for a gigabyte of data, what I would consider a comfortable minimum for uploading photos and the like. But the operator also offers another relic of days gone by: BlackBerry Internet Service. So for a mere $15 BMD you can enjoy a full seven days of unlimited email, messaging and mobile Internet.

    The deal also applies to Android-powered BlackBerry phones, which I guess must also have the necessary hooks to connect to BIS.

    I was actually looking into getting a pair of cheap BlackBerries for our trip; Bermuda is close enough to Toronto that we'll probably be visiting again before too long. In case you were interested, Digicel sells their 9720 for a not-entirely outrageous $99 USD. Note, though, that you can currently get the newer Q5 for that same price from

    For any Bermuda-bound BlackBerry users, all the links you need are directly below!

    Links: BlackBerry 9720, Prepaid Plans, Hamilton Flagship Store
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    I grabbed one of these while I was in the UK just after it launched. It's not that I'm a BB completist or anything but I had accidentally left my device at home. I haven't used it since I got back except to take it out of the box and keep the battery charged but it wasn't a bad phone, reminded me of my 9790 but with less chrome. Not the best built example I've ever seen but it felt comfortable in my hand and the keys had decent actuation.

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