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Thread: If I port, Will I lose Walmart plan

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    If I port, Will I lose Walmart plan

    I've been testing Verizon prepaid on the Walmart plan and T-Mobile prepaid. I'm not sure which carrier I want to stay with. T-Mobile has faster speeds in almost all places I go to, but Verizon has better coverage in some areas.
    So my question is: If I decide to stay with the Verizon prepaid Walmart plan, can I port my number to this plan? Will I lose the Walmart bonus data or will everything stay exactly as it is after the port?
    The extra 2GB of the Walmart plan really makes this plan worth it.

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    You will not lose the plan on the account. You should be able to port and retain everything including same expiration date and data caps and usage up to the port date.

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