I've embedded the video above only to demonstrate the ongoing innovation in mechanical watch design—albeit at the very high end of the market. It's pertinent to smartwatches because I believe there is an under-served audience of people who, like myself, really just want a nice-looking watch with full notification support.

With this in mind I will now share my three favourite non-smartwatch blogs, in the hopes that you too might demand more in the looks department from the connected device on your wrist.


This is probably the most popular watch blog of them all. Most of the products reviewed are from the luxury brands but the author, Ariel Adams, takes the same critical eye to smartwatch design. I appreciate that.

Every now and again they write up an especially informative feature on a brand or a specific type of watch. Their history of dive watches is a good example of this.


WatchTime is a good counter to aBlogtoWatch as it isn't so focused on high-end products. They have a good selection of buying guides for different markets, and do their own retrospectives as well. Check out their 10 milestone moments in the history of the wristwatch.

G-Shock Central

Chances are that even the most snobbish collector of chronographs has at least one Casio G-Shock in their collection, and there's no better source for G-Shock news than this blog. In subscribing to it I've learned (among other things) that Pro Trek wasn't just a brand name invented for the forthcoming Android Wear-powered WSD-F20.

If you're a fan of this type of watch then you'll probably like their collection of the best G-Shock watches for 2017.

If nothing else, these links will serve as a reminder that the wristwatch has at least a hundred years of design history behind it, so in my mind it's perfectly okay to demand more from smartwatch design as well.