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Thread: How do I dial an International Call from my AV phone

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    How do I dial an International Call from my AV phone

    My $30 plan has unlimited calling. What numbers do I have to dial before the phone number of the place I'm calling. I have a two digit country code, two digit area code and 7 digit phone number for a hotel in Spain.

    AV customer service didn't help.

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    Free International Dialing

    To receive the free ILD Calling, refill pins must be loaded by using the website refill portal or by calling customer service at 1-888-944-2355. The access number for international dialing is 1-347-899-4072 and must be dialed in order to place an international call.

    I believe, after dialing the access number, enter the international number but do not hit the SEND key, after it.

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