I was messing around with a ZTE Z222 the other day and I happened to notice that it was able to see a Bluetooth keyboard of mine - and in fact, it would pair with that keyboard, giving me a moment of thrill... until I discovered that it wouldn't accept text from it. So I'm wondering - has anyone ever discovered a flip phone that did actually work with a Bluetooth keyboard? Not that I would be doing it all the time - but imagine the looks you'd get doing it somewhere in public.

I suppose there might be a niche case for someone who loves to text but for whatever reason refuses to use a smartphone, or a classic Blackberry-style feature phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

The other thing is that, given the flip phone was probably inspired by the original Star Trek communicator - are/were there any that one could set to both answer a call when opened, and default to speakerphone mode?

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