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Thread: HELP: unlocking my Samsung S7 Edge

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    HELP: unlocking my Samsung S7 Edge

    Hi guys,

    Back in November I purchase my S7 Edge from a person who got the phone and flipped it for $. I've been using it with Freedom Mobile since then. It was brand new and has been working flawless since.

    I bought an unlock code the other day and chose Freedom Mobile as my current carrier. The website then refunded my money 2 days after as they couldn't find a code for it. I was wondering:

    1. Does it have to be from the carrier where the phone was originally bought from? Meaning, when I select the options online, it does ask me from which carrier does the phone belong to. I know the person who sold it to me didn't get it from Freedom Mobile but I couldn't reach the person anymore to verify it

    2. If my assumption in #1 is correct, how will I find out now that the person is unreachable?


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    Check with the carrier. I believe some carriers will unlock a phone for you after a period of time.

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