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Thread: remove glowing at&t advert logo from rugby 4 outer screen

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    remove glowing at&t advert logo from rugby 4 outer screen

    Hi - just registered here to ask this question (have read over the years for general advice when needed).

    I just bought a rugby 4 'unlocked' offa eb, seems to work fine for me on GCI (Alaska) but it's got super obnoxious glowing att logo that lights up like a dork alarm on the outside screen - another case of a corporation trying to turn us all into billboards, which we should all actively resist.

    Is there a hack/way to remove that, change it to a picture of the moon or a blank screen or static, or stop it glowing, or anything?

    My next step would be to cover the outer screen, but then I lose the clock!

    I had to buy this one because my Alaska phone, a Nokia 106 (which I had to order from Latin America but was fairly excellent) didn't get reception when I came down to 'America' (= the lower 48 states) a month or two ago, and learned that $%#! att, who owns all the towers where I am, doesn't support <3g phones. I have zero desire for anything other than a dumbphone ('phones', we called them for thousands of years) and the choices are limited.

    For a month I had an awful 'blu zoey', which - after suffering it's ridiculous 30 hour battery life (without talking - more like 90 mins max talking!), after it constantly restarted itself and demanded my unlock code, after it daily attempted to dial emergency (and once succeeded, thus becoming a public menace and hazard), then finally demanding my puk code (which I didn't have at the time and had no way to call to get!) - that was the last straw, and a week ago I twisted the thing back to heck - where it belonged - and ordered this rugby, which seems OK save for the totalitarian logo.

    I refuse to use anything but GSM, even though american can't seem to get that right (my first and by far best ever mobile was the excellent, Sweedish-made, Ericcson a1018s on Kyivstar, then UMC, in Ukraine. Why has everything gotten so much worse in just 17 years?). Fearing the future when a dumbphone isn't even available... Please, new nokia, save us...

    I'm not a phone enthusiast, but have done a little modding in past with available programes, so hoping there's some quasi-safe way to fix this broken design.

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    Geez, 290 views and no ideas? Has it really gotten this bad, that we just have to accept phones as billboards, no longer able to hack them into efficiency like 5-10 years ago?! There must be some other people equally annoyed by this... please...

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