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Thread: VOIP call quality comparison

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    VOIP call quality comparison

    Currently there are many many different voip apps available to be used.

    We have google voice, using its hangout, there is also whatsapp, there is the wifi calling that different carriers are including, and many others, skype also comes to mind, and many many more.

    I wish to hear your experience with these.
    The call quality, the static, the delay in connecting, the times its lagged, the times its dropped.

    This will make it easier for people to decide which voip app they should use to better connect with others.

    Thanks for your input

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    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but since noone else answered I guess I will.

    it's more an issue of your bandwith than theirs, but you'll have packet loss reguardless of which you use, and some voip providers use cheaper grey routes to save money at the cost of call quality.

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    I have no problems with Google Voice which is the place our old home is currently parked. Vonage was good when I used them in the past but horrible to port out from to another provider.

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    So for us in the office all the phones are on G722 HD Voice, since there is virtually no packet loss inside the office over ethernet its a good choice. The trunk uses G711 outgoing, there is transcoding happening on the server which uses CPU but not a ton.

    Over wifi or 3G its a whole other story, the only codec we found to have any decent quality with a forced (using network link conditioner on os x with wifi sharing) it ILBC (30). All the others failed miserably, including OPUS which needs to have packet_loss=30 or something when compiled and we found most phones don't.

    App services were good, what's app and whatnot but we use hard or soft phones with real phone numbers / extensions.

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    I have used Hangouts, Textfree-Pinger, Skype, Freedompop, and an Obi.

    Hangouts on good Wifi has excellent sound quality, but from my location has 600 ms audio delay latency. That is borderline unacceptable for a quality conversation. On hotel Wifi for calls home, it breaks up a bit.

    Textfree-Pinger works well over good Wifi. This is a great (free) service if you want a burner number/loser-line. You can set it to go straight to voicemail and not ring the phone. You earn minutes by watching ad videos. You have to use it some monthly to keep from losing your number.

    I have only used Skype for test video calls over good Wifi. It worked well.

    Freedompop works ok over good Wifi, not so much over mobile data. The LTE data around here just isn't very good. I never give the FP number for anyone to call. The app is flaky. Sometimes it will make a call on the first try, sometimes it won't. I just use them for the free data.

    I can't say enough good about the Obitalk device. It is an Analog Telephone Adapter, like Vonage, Ooma, Magic Jack. You connect it to your broadband Internet and your analog phone(s). It works as well or better than CableCo home phone service. The device is ~$35 and the service is free with a Google Voice number. You can pay for service with Callcentric and others. There is no 911 with Google Voice. You can pay $1-$2 a month to other services to provide it, but it is not standard 911 service that connects directly to the 911 center.

    None of the VOIP apps works worth a bucket of warm spit over mobile data for me.

    Some public/open Wifi blocks VOIP calls. It is hit or miss whether it will work. You can't count on it. It stopped working at my club when they replaced the home grade Wifi with a SonicWall. Blocking Wifi is probably a default setting in the SonicWall.

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