My Samsung Galaxy S6 is 18 months old. Until 3 days ago the phone was in excellent and in near perfect condition. Last week, I got home from my office and took my phone out of my computer bag and noticed that the phone's case was almost off of the phone and I couldn't put it back on. I removed the case and saw that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 had swollen and pushed off and unhinged the back plate and part of the front plate.
The good thing was that the phone was in my computer bag and not in my pocket or in use touching my face. I know the phone was fine when I left my office. I have a commute of 40 minutes.
I called Samsung Customer Service and the representative told me to ship it to Samsung and it will repair it. I am not sure whether they would have charged me for service. Didn't get to that point. I told the representative that I do not want a repair or a replacement of any phone with a designation of a 6. The Note 6 has had its own battery related issues and this Galaxy S6 was produced in the same year and I don't want to take any chances with the phone models from that year. I asked for a Galaxy S5, even if it was refurbished, but the rep insisted that it will have to be the same model of S6. I declined and asked him to get me an email or a phone number of a team member that I can escalate the matter to. The rep proceeded to give me the email address starting with the officeofthepresident at Samsung. I will write to them today.
Is there another way to address this in an expeditious manner or is this direction the way to go?