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Thread: S7 Edge U.S. vs International Versions

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    S7 Edge U.S. vs International Versions

    I recently bought a new S7 Edge, which was a warranty replacement for a defective S7, for $400. As I've read more and more about international variants for the S7 Edge and S8, I've become a bit hesitant to open it in the event I return it.

    I have the SM-G935T (locked to T-Mobile) with Snapdragon, which has the benefit of Samsung Pay. But I've read that the international versions (SM-G935F and SM-G935FD) with Exynos are more powerful and have longer batter life, better slo-mo video recording, and better Wolfram DAC audio approaching HiFi. The international versions are also carrier unlocked with unlocked bootloader.

    By all accounts, Samsung's Exynos is all around better than Qualcom's Snapdragon (and here's one example):

    The following are important to me:

    Battery life

    WiFi calling

    Samsung Pay (a real game changer)

    superior DAC

    So what it comes down to is this:

    The U.S. version (SM-G935T) has the benefit of Samsung Pay, WiFi calling, HD calling, and VoLTE

    The International versions (SM-G935F and SM-G935FD) have the benefit of superior CPU performance, slo-mo video (no dropped frames), 4K 120fps (instead of U.S. version 30fps) video, much longer batter life

    Wi-Fi caling is important and I've read that the SM-G935F covers band 4 but not band 12. The SM-G935FD covers both bands 4 and 12, which from what I hear are needed for Wi-Fi calling. So does that mean the SM-G935FD will get W-Fi calling in the U.S.?

    Has anyone figured a way to get an international version to install Samsung Pay?

    I've even been thinking about an S8 or holding out for a Note 8, as I like the idea of having a portable usable tablet.

    What do you all think?

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    I have a dual sim S7 (SM-930FD). I called Samsung about Samsung Pay but it's tied to the OS version. Android pay works well though. I have two credit cards from two different countries on my Android Pay wallet and they both work as described!

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    I am thinking about buying dual sim Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos model.

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