I have used TinyPic in the past and it works, but I can't find which of the options will show only the image when you click on the link. Every option there (RSS for Feed Readers, URL for Email and IM, Direct Link for layouts) seems to show the whole page including my image, but also my library of photos, ads, etc. Obviously TinyPic is free and they want users to show their ads in the links they create. I get it.

So is there a paid service that will allow me to insert a hyperlink into an email, a Contact Us form on a website, or a message board? Some message boards for example allow upload of photos, but others only have the option to insert a URL.

Specifically, I am trying to contact Customer Service for an online survey company that I perform surveys for. I have an error message in one of the surveys, and I took a screenshot of it. But the Contact Us form will not allow me to upload a screenshot or any other image. It only has a text box to type in a message. What I want to do is put a line in the comments box to Customer Service saying, "Here is what happened when I got to question 7 on the survey." And put the hyperlink to my screenshot there, but without all the other clutter that TinyPic will include.

Any ideas?