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Thread: Port-Out Information

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    Quote Originally Posted by h2owireless View Post
    Hey guys. Sorry for the late response. I haven't been active lately.

    I know there was an issue with our internal IVR system a couple of weeks ago that may have caused delays. This should be resolved now. Let me know if you are still experiencing any problems contacting CS.

    As for the exit survey, it's really just to know why customers are leaving and what competitor plans are popular now, so we can make improvements. We really do appreciate your feedback!
    I was really happy with the service and company- I left because I changed to a new iPhone and was unable to receive MMS.
    There is no probably won’t be any jailbreak for iPhones anytime soon. People won’t be able to receive picture messages and will leave H2O. It was really hard to leave so that’s another thing.

    Switched to ultra mobile where I have:
    FREE international calls to Poland including mobile number, can receive picture messages (MMS) on iPhone with the newest iOS .

    100mb internet with everything unlimited for $19 a month
    If I prepay for a $27 a month plan for 3 months I will get four gigs of data a month as a bonus

    H2o had great service but no mms. I was happy with them on a jailbroken iPhone for over 2 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaff View Post
    (Edit 2) H20 replied to my second email giving me my PIN, and the account number was texted to me. A strange way to do things, but there you go.
    H2O did you a favor. Email is not a secure medium. If they had sent both in the same messaqe, any hacker who intercepted that email message or hacked in to your account could port your number to a new provider. If that happened, you would have a mess on your hands, first figuring out where it went, then having to arm-wrestle an unfamiliar provider get it back in your control.

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    Just got my 8-digit account # and pin. The process was exactly as described here. I went on live chat, they asked for my 3 recent calls. Then text me the account. After verifying it on the chat, they gave me the pin over chat. I'm going to MINTSIM. I assume I just give them this account and pin when I activate MINTSIM and that's it? Do I need to do anything else with h2o?
    Thanks for this forum that I knew how to ask for my acc and pin.

    The reason I left was that H2o customer service is non-existent (except live chat which they couldn't do much). I never received any email reply after repeated email to their customer service to try to resolve some issues (I signed up for 3GB for my backup phone and without using it other than checking some emails, I found that 3GB was almost gone in 2 weeks, with the phone off, and they wouldn't even try to help).

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